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Clotheslines Sydney

Lifestyle Clotheslines has you covered if you are looking for new washing lines or clotheslines in Sydney.

clotheslines sydney

Stocking the biggest range of clotheslines in Sydney including all rotary, retractable, foldown, portable and all indoor and outdoor clotheslines available in Australia.

From the Sydney beach side suburbs of Bondi, Cronulla and Manly through the inner west and out to the western suburbs such as Penrith, Liverpool and the Hills District, we have the perfect clothesline for your situation. 

Popular Clothesline models in Sydney

The most popular ranges of clotheslines we sell in Sydney would be the fold down or wall mounted range as these clothesline products are fantastic in small spaces and limited areas such as the smaller housing sites found in Sydney.

The rotary clotheslines would be the next most popular sold in Sydney and in particular the Hills range of rotary clothes lines is by far out most sort after brand.

The Hills clothesline is one of our leading brands that we stock and the Hills Hoist clothesline is still a popular seller today. After the Hills clothesline range would come Austral clotheslines, with the Austral clothesline company making both rotary, retractable and fold down clothesline models that can be both wall or ground mounted.

Top Fold Down clotheslines in Sydney

  1. Austral Addaline 35 - Double fold down frame with huge 35m of drying space!
  2. City Living Urban 2400 - Over 35 colours, many size options plus can be customised to your specific needs
  3. City Living Urban 3000 - Extra big 3m wide clothesline ideal for a large family of 4+
  4. Hills Supa Fold Duo - 23m line space and Hills lovely curved profile
  5. Austral Standard 28 - Large no fuss Australian made line with great hanging capacity

Top Rotary clotheslines in Sydney

  1. Hills Rotary 7 - Popular medium sized folding rotary ideal for a family of 4
  2. Hills Hoist Heritage 5 - Huge galvanised steel line with gal wire(largest Hills Hoist in Australia)
  3. Austral Foldaway 51 - Aussie made family sized rotary that easily folds away when the cricket set comes out
  4. Hills Rotary 8 - Perfect for big drying needs. takes king size sheets and a family of 5+
  5. Hills Hoist Heritage 4 - Smallest Hills Hoist and ideal replacement unit 

Top Retractable clotheslines in Sydney

  1. Austral Retractaway 40 - 8m maximum pullout extension and 5 lines for heaps of drying space
  2. Hills Slim 6 Retractable - 6 lines, a super slim unit and it just works perfectly everytime(worth the little extra for this unit)
  3. Teleskop Prestige Clothes Airer - Great indoor drying solution for your laundry room
  4. Austral Retractaway 50 - Longest retractable line with a maximum 10m extension distance

Top Portable and Indoor clotheslines in Sydney

  1. Hills Portable 170 - Easily dry sheets, towels plus a couple baskets of washing. This is the most popular clothesline sold in Sydney
  2. Austral Indoor Outdoor - Wall mounted unit in white colour for laundry room drying
  3. Versaline Broadline - 6 line unit that can be removed from the wall if not required
  4. 6 Lath Supreme Ceiling Airer - Hoist your laundry to the ceiling with this UK made indoor airer

Sydney Clothesline Installation Service

clotheslines sydney installation
If you need any help with installation of your new clothesline we have a team of clothesline installers in Sydney who can do your clothesline installation for you.

The team of Sydney clothesline installers cover all suburbs in Sydney metro area as well as many suburbs south and north of the city, plus larger regional areas in NSW such as Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast.

Installing a clothesline can get a little tricky for some models, so if you have any questions or concerns just let us know.

For any advice or help with installing any new clothesline or washing line, please feel free to call on 1300 798 779 and speak to one of our expert support staff who are here to help.

Spare Parts and Accessories for older Sydney clotheslines

clotheslines sydney spare parts
All spare parts for Hills clotheslines, plus many other brands and makes and models of clotheslines can be found under our clothesline spare parts section here.

Accessories items such as clothesline covers, pegs, ironing boards and ground mounting kits are also available under the accessories tab here.

Top selling clothesline accessory items in Sydney,

  1. Clothesline Covers
  2. Hills smart pegs
  3. Hills ironing board
  4. Free standing ground mount kit for foldown clotheslines
  5. Replacement rotary ground socket

For anymore information on the best clotheslines for your Sydney home please feel free to call us today on 1300 798 779.

Lifestyle Clotheslines also stocks many brands of clotheslines and washing lines in Sydney including products from Hills, Austral, City Living and Versaline, plus handy comparison charts for Daytek clotheslines.

If you are unsure of the local rules and regulations around installing a clothesline in your Sydney home, you can find all the details at the Sydney Council Website here.