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    Discover our premium range of clothesline accessories from leading brands in Australia such as Hills, Keep Peg, Clevacover, and more!

    Regardless if you own a Fold Down/Wall Mounted clothesline, Rotary Hoist, Portable, or Ceiling Mounted airer, our broad selection of clothesline accessories will help make every laundry day a happy day.

    Top accessory items include replacement clothesline cord, clothes pegs, laundry trolley, ground socket, clothesline covers and the Peg Scarf which always keeps pegs within easy reach.

    At Lifestyle Clotheslines we understand that natural wear and tear can happen to clotheslines and clothesline accessories over the years.

    That's why we stock a wide range of clothesline accessories and other products that can help breathe new life into your clothesline.

    We encourage you to use the filters found on the upper left portion of this page to sort the items making it easier to find what you are looking for.

    If you need help regarding clothesline accessories or have questions about the right replacement parts you may need, please call us at 1300 798 779 to get in touch with our friendly clothesline experts.

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    29 products