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    Ceiling clothes airer and ceiling clothes line models are all quite unique in their construction and material, with each of them capable of drying indoors and outdoors to make life easier and for utmost versatility.

    The best method to utilize your homes space and keep your laundry hidden is with a ceiling clothes airer.

    Similar to a window blind, clothing airers are hung from the ceiling and have a pulley system that allows you to pull it down, hang your clothes, and then pull it back up.

    The best indoor solution for drying clothes and making the most of your space is to use drying racks and clothes airers that are fixed to the ceiling.

    The ceiling mounted pulley system clothes airer used in many of our models allows for a space saving drying solution that hoists your laundry up to the ceiling for optimum drying time and energy efficiency.

    Materials used in construction for the classic pulley system airer are: Cast iron (for the airer ends), pulleys and wall cleat, then sash cord, and sustainably sourced wood for the laths.

    New models of electric ceiling mounted clothes airers and clothes dryer rack options are built with aluminium and operate with a quick push of a button using an included wireless remote controller.

    These high tech models saves electricity by ditching the tumble dryer and boast efficient fans, heating, UV-lamps (for some models), and more to air dry clothes quickly -- further satisfying your laundry needs.

    Brands include the Kitchen Maid models which use a traditional pulley system, Airaus and Foxydry aluminium ranges plus the fully electric ceiling airer made by Topline that help speed up drying times.

    By utilising your home's natural warmth and heating -- coupled with the space saving design of a modern ceiling airer or clothes drying rack you get to dry clothes all year round without racking up huge energy bills!

    If you have questions about a ceiling clothes airer, or simply need help with finding the perfect clothes airer for your home, please call us at 1300 798 779 to talk to one of our friendly ceiling airer experts today.

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    10 products