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Frequently Asked Questions

The pulley style clothes airers are supplied with one single pulley and one double pulley as standard which provide a full working pulley system for your airer to travel up and down.
Should you wish to position the clothes airer away from the wall it may be necessary to extend the run of the rope across the ceiling so that it may travel to the cleat hook at a right angle as opposed to diagonally from the main pulley.
When fixed above the cleat hook, a second double pulley provides the pivot to allow you to do this.

By utilising the naturally warm air which occurs in most homes, the full range of ceiling airers will dry a whole load of washing in around 2-4 hours.
It is recommended to buy the longest airer you can fit in your home to take the maximum advantage of the ceiling airers drying size.
Using our clothes airers as a direct replacement to your normal tumble dryer can reduce your carbon foot print by 1.5 tonnes a year and saves you enough in electricity costs to pay for your new clothes airer in around 6 months.

The range of pulley ceiling clothes airers are perfect for sloping ceilings and ceilings that slope in all sorts of directions.
The airer must be kept level for correct operation so it simply means that the rope from one end of the airer to the ceiling pulley is longer than the other end, therefore holding the airer level.
The only thing you need to consider it that the airer can only be pulled as high as the lowest point on your sloping roof. If this is high enough, so as to allow the airer to be pulled up out of the way, then it won't be a problem.
Also the pulley MUST be fitted into the sloping ceiling at an angle to the slope so the pulley is installed vertical to the floor, just as they would be if the ceiling was a flat ceiling.

The wall cleat is a small retaining hook used to secure the rope of the pulley airer to the wall and hold it securely in place.
It is needed to hold the airer in the chosen position once you hoist it up to the ceiling, it is also used to hold the airer in position when loading it with clothes. The cleat is fixed to the wall near the airer with screws provided.

Yes the electric ceiling airers can be stopped at any height for the ease of hanging the laundry plus also to allow for the perfect height for drying.

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