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    Clothesline Installation

    Get your new clothes line installed the right way by Lifestyle Clothesline's team of clothes line installation experts in Australia for all leading clothesline brands including the famous Hills Hoist, Austral, Eco clotheslines plus many more.

    If you're looking for help with clothesline and a reliable installation service, we've got you covered! You can count on our clothesline installers when it comes to smooth installation process of your washing lines.

    Our vast network of trustworthy professional clothesline installation partners are also available in Sunshine Coast, Sydney, and throughout Australia!

    Simply get in touch with us via chat or by call 1800 798 779 for further assistance.

    Clothesline Installation Services

    Our professional clothesline installation service covers a large range of clothesline models, apart from standard installation of a new clothesline on old concrete wall or varying surfaces we also offer:

    • Core Hole Drilling (Core Drilling Service) for Hills Hoist/Rotary Hoist

    • Removal Service for Old Clothesline/Existing Clothesline

    • Rotary Clothesline Installation on Concrete Pads

    • Installation of Ground Mount Kit

    • Replacement of Old Line

    Core hole drilling is required if you want to avail of clothesline installation service for a fixed rotary hoist/clothes line.

    Removal of existing clothesline to install a new one can be done by our team as well, saving you from the hassles and headaches of having to deal with the process.

    Rock or Concrete Obstructions

    Extra charge may be incurred and may vary depending if digging into rock or when installing clotheslines on difficult scenarios, not on very ground level, solid rock formations, etc.

    Other Services

    Installations of spare parts can also be facilitated to ensure the perfect working order of your clothesline, if you already have the parts for install or if you are unsure which spare part requires replacement, get in touch with us!

    We will be more than happy to offer all the help you need to get your clothesline back in perfect working order.

    Happiness Guaranteed

    Lifestyle Clotheslines has always been the go-to place of clothesline enthusiasts when it comes to all their clothesline needs.

    We pride ourselves in getting things right the first time and if it doesn't, let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make things right.

    Trust that our team will do whatever it takes for you to get your hard-earned money's worth and in order to do that, we must get the basics done the right way -- by ensuring that your clothesline is installed safely and efficiently.

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