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    Portable Clothesline and mobile clothesline models are easy to move around your home or for finding the perfect spot outdoors to catch the sunlight and wind for faster drying times.

    Ditch the expensive tumble dryer and make the most of your home's heating to dry your washing indoors.

    Perfect for small spaces and apartment living, shop the latest high quality and lightweight portable models and clothes airers.

    These nifty portable clotheslines are perfect for use in a balcony, apartment living, and work great as extra hanging space when paired with your primary washing line.

    Featuring the same material construction as our larger wall mounted units, these sturdy workhorses fold flat to save space and for easy storage.

    They are also convenient to use, lightweight, compact, and work great as indoor or outdoor drying solution, only requiring simple manoeuvring to dry clothes in a jiffy.

    Our portable clotheslines and mobile clotheslines have a broad spectrum of features and come in a range of space-saving sizes, require little to no assembly, and some models have wheels for ease of transporting around your home.

    All models from leading clothesline and laundry brands such as Hills Clotheslines, Artweger, and Ecodry are all available for shipping direct to your door.

    If you have any questions on what is the right portable clothesline or mobile clothesline for your laundry drying needs, please call us at 1300 798 779 to talk to our friendly portable clothesline experts today.

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