Keep Peg 316 Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

keep peg 316 stainless steel clothes peg
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Keep Peg 316 Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

Keep Peg 316 Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

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Product Features

316 Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

These 316 marine grade Stainless Steel Pegs are the ideal clothespins in any weather conditions or whatever harsh outdoor elements there are – heavy rain, burning sunlight, seaside spray, or strong winds!

Unlike old-fashioned wooden clips or plastic clothespins, you don’t have to worry about rust, corrosion, or material deterioration over time. You can expect strength, durability, and lifetime quality with 316 Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs. 

  • Easy to grip
  • Use with confidence indoors or outdoors
  • Will hold heavy fabric in place
  • No overheating under the sun
  • No risk of staining clothes
  • No risk of mowing over broken pegs under the clothesline
  • Can be used for other purposes around the house
  • Perfect for seaside homes or extreme weather areas
  • Easy to take when you travel
  • You can leave them out on the line all the time

Updated 1 August 2021


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