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    Shop all models of Clevacover Clothes Line covers for wall mounted and folding clotheslines, plus rotary clotheslines.

    Clevacover offers a unique range of fully waterproof clothesline covers that provide shade and turn your rotary clothes line into a big umbrella in minutes.

    To find the right size Clevacover for your rotary or rectangular clothesline, be sure to measure it first as there are many sizes available.

    Clevacover is the leading brand of clothesline cover available worldwide.

    A clothesline cover is a protective cover that is designed to fit over your clothesline to protect clothes from the elements. They are typically made from waterproof or water-resistant materials like polyester or PVC, and are designed to be easy to install and remove.

    The best use of a Clevacover Clothesline cover is to protect clothes from rain, wind, and other weather conditions, as well as from dirt and dust.

    They can help to extend the life of clothes by protecting them from wear and tear, and can also help to keep clothes looking fresh and clean.

    Clevacover offers a range of different clothesline cover products, with various sizes and features available to suit different needs.

    If you have any queries, please call us on 1300 798 779 to talk to our friendly experts.

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    11 products