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Clotheslines Melbourne

clotheslines melbourneMelbourne with all its raw beauty and sporting dominance, can be one challenging city when its comes to the drying of your washing and laundry.

Lifestyle Clotheslines offers you the biggest range of clotheslines in Melbourne including all rotary, retractable, foldown, wall mounted, portable and all indoor and outdoor clotheslines.

From the Melbourne beach side suburbs of Brighton, Cheltenham and Altona through the inner west and out to the western suburbs such as St Albans, Glen Waverley and Reservior, all your clothes line needs covered easily.

Popular Clothesline models in Melbourne

Melbourne has a lovely all year round climate, so the use of a clothes line or washing line to get your clothes and washing dry is a great alternative to using an electric clothes dryer, especially as the cost of energy is rising all the time.

The most popular ranges of clotheslines in Melbourne would be the foldown and wall mounted types as these can be installed bothe indoors and out.

Rotary clotheslines with either a folding head(means they are removalbe) or fixed Hills hoist type models would be the next most installed clothesline in Melbourne and in particular the Austral range of rotary clothes lines is by far out most sort after range as they are Australian made clotheslines.

Hills clotheslines are the leading brand still of clotheslines in Australia and the Hills Hoist clothesline is still popular today. 

Popular Foldown clotheslines in Melbourne

  1. Austral Addaline 35 - Twin frame clothesline and 35m space for all the families washing
  2. City Living Urban 2400 - 8 size options, 35 colours and many accessories to make this the perfect line for your home
  3. City Living Urban 3000 - 3m width and extra large drying space for larger family needs
  4. Hills Supa Fold Duo - Biggest capacity folding frame from Hills
  5. Austral Standard 28 - Aussie made line with a large line space

Popular Rotary clotheslines in Melbourne

  1. Hills Rotary 7 - Mid sized rotary unit ideal for a family of 4
  2. Hills Hoist Heritage 5 - 75 years and still going strong are these big galvanised steel clotheslines with gal wire
  3. Austral Foldaway 51 - Australian made family sized rotary that easily folds up
  4. Hills Rotary 8 - Largest folding rotary line in Australia, perfect for big drying needs and takes king size sheets
  5. Hills Hoist Heritage 4 - Smaller fixed head line and ideal replacement unit 

Popular Retractable clotheslines in Melbourne

  1. Austral Retractaway 40 - 8m extension and 5 lines
  2. Hills Slim 6 Retractable - 6 lines in a super slim unit that just works perfectly everytime
  3. Teleskop Prestige Clothes Airer - Great indoor solution for your laundry
  4. Austral Retractaway 50 - Extra long 10m retractable clothesline and the only one of this length in Australia

Popular Portable and Indoor clotheslines in Melbourne

  1. Hills Portable 170 - Easily dry sheets and towels. Most popular clothesline sold in Melbourne
  2. Austral Indoor Outdoor - Wall mounted unit in white for your laundry
  3. Versaline Broadline - 6 line unit that can be removed from the wall if not required
  4. 6 Lath Supreme Ceiling Airer - Hoist your laundry to the ceiling with the UK made indoor airer

clotheslines melbourne installation service

Melbourne Clothesline Installation Service

Lifestyle Clotheslines also offers a clothesline installation service in Melbourne, with the installers covering all suburbs in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Regional areas of Geelong and other large Victorian townships can be covered, plus also installs can be done on the Morington Peninsula. Travel fees may apply for installations outside of the Melbourne metro area.

For detailed advice on clothesline installations or choosing the right clothesline or washing line for your specific situation, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 798 779 as we are here to help you.

Accessories and Spare Parts for older Melbourne Clotheslines

clotheslines melbourne spare parts
The complete range of accessories for all clothesline brands and suppliers, plus all clothesline spare parts available in Melbourne can be found under the tab for clothesline spare parts.

Depending on your situation, adding a modern clothesline accessory to your clothesline can extend its functionality in a number of different ways.

For the complete list of all available clothesline accessory items, you can view them all here under the tab for clothesline accessories

Most popular clothesline accessories in Melbourne

  1. Waterproof Clothesline Covers - great idea for keeping clothes and washing dry
  2. Hills Smart Pegs - the best set of pegs that you will ever buy
  3. Rotary ground socket - purchase an additional socket to have mutiple drying options during winter
  4. Washing Basket Holder - saves straining the back and is at the perfect height

clotheslines melbourne waterproof cover




Waterproof Clothesline covers are a handy accessory 

For anymore information on the best clotheslines for your Melbourne home please feel free to call us today on 1300 798 779.

Lifestyle Clotheslines also stocks many brands of clotheslines and washing lines in Melbourne including products from Hills, Austral, City Living and Versaline, plus handy comparison charts for Daytek clotheslines.

If you are unsure of the local rules and regulations around installing a clothesline in your Melbourne home, you can find all the details at the Melbourne Council Website here.