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    Rotary hoist clothesline and rotary clothesline models offer the ideal balance of flexibility and space large enough to accommodate large family laundry needs, while flexible enough to allow removal from the base and storage when not in use.

    Shop rotary hoist, rotary clotheslines + classic steel Hills Hoist models plus get expert help with Supply and Installation service available. 

    Folding or Fixed - Which Rotary Type is Best?

    Rotary hoists, clothes hoists, folding rotary clotheslines or the iconic Hills Hoist come in two different styles which are fixed or folding.

    Fixed rotary clothes hoists are a permanently installed product that is all steel construction  with metals and metal handle and cannot be removed once installed as the main pole is concreted directly into the ground.

    Folding rotary clothesline models can be folded up and removed from the ground as these have plastic lines, plastic handles and come with a ground socket which is concreted into the ground, allowing the clothesline to be removed.

    Fixed rotary hoist clotheslines are a heavy duty option, while folding rotary lines give you the flexibility to use your lawn or garden area if needed as these clothesline models are removable.

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    6 products