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Eco 210 Clothesline

Eco 210 Clothesline
eco 210 clothesline mounted to concrete wall
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline - Colour Chart
Eco 210 Clothesline - Specification Chart
Eco 210 Clothesline wit Eco Lowline Attachment and Ground Mount Kit
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline
Eco 210 Clothesline

Eco 210 Clothesline

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Key Features


Just the right size for your smaller areas, the Eco 210 is the little Aussie battler that helps make drying days a breeze.

Designed and made right here in Oz, you can pick your colour, depth, width (modified during checkout) and mounting type...so it's the perfect fit for you and your home.

Get comfort in buying a super strong, Australian made clothesline that is designed for our conditions and will never let you down for years to come.

What's Included:
1 x Clothesline Frame at 210cm wide
1 x Standard Clothesline Poly Cord
1 x Instruction Manual
4 x Anchor Bolts and Wall Plugs

Full Specifications

Eco Clotheslines
Country of Manufacture
3-4 People
Total Line Space
12.6m - 29.4m (Lowline Attachment adds 6.3m)
Area Required
2.2m x 1-2m
Number of Lines
6 to 14
Line Spacing
Compatible with Cover
Fasteners / Anchor Bolts
4 Masonry bolts and wall plugs
Mounting Hole Centres
Ground Mount Kit(Standard)
2150mm x 40mm x 40mm
Ground Mount Kit(Plated)
1850mm x 40mm x 40mm
10 Years Frame / 12 months cord
Available Colours
Classic Cream, Woodland Grey, Monument, Surfmist, Shale Grey, Cottage Green
Image for showing width Width
2.1 Metres
Image for showing depth Depth
0.6 - 1.5 Metres
Image for showing fit Fit
Double Sheets
Image for showing capacity Capacity
3 Washloads

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. The Eco 210 has an optional Ground Mount Kit suitable for installation of the posts into a grass/soil area (Standard Kit) or for bolting down onto hard surfaces (Plated Kit). Just select the option you need above under "Add Ground Mount Kit". For a better explanation of these kits, see the questions below.
This is the type of post kit that you will need if you are installing the posts into a grass/soil area in the back yard. It is 2 x Posts (approx. 2150mm in length to give an overall height above the ground of approx. 1.8m) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar. This is the most common type of post kit.
A Plated kit allows you to bolt the posts down onto an existing concrete area rather than core drilling or jack hammering holes into the concrete. The posts have metal plates welded on the bottom with holes for dyna-bolting down onto the concrete. It is 2 x Posts(approx. 1800mm height) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar. These posts are also height adjustable.
This is a very popular option. This is an extra clothesline frame with 3 lines that sits below the main frame (approx. 400mm below x 350mm wide). This option gives you more line space without taking up any more room. The Lowline can fold up and down with the main frame or disconnect and leave it folded down against the wall or posts.
We can do this for you free of charge at the factory before it is sent to you. Just tell us what overall width you would like in the delivery instructions box when placing your order. For e.g. An Eco 300 has a width of 3000mm but you would like it to be 2800mm, so in the instructions box type - Please modify overall width to 2800mm - and we will gladly have this done for you.

We're here to help.

If you have any questions about the Eco 210 Clothesline, installation or anything else, then just call 1300 798 779 or click the button below for other ways to reach us.