The Peg Scarf

The Peg Scarf
peg scarf showing in folded position
The Peg Scarf
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The Peg Scarf
The Peg Scarf
The Peg Scarf
The Peg Scarf
The Peg Scarf

The Peg Scarf

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Product Features

The Peg Scarf is the revolutionary new clothes peg holder that will make wash days seem like a breeze!

Holding all your clothes pegs in a stylish scarf configuration, the Peg Scarf has your pegs at your fingertips, for quick and seamless pegging.  


  • Holds all your clothes pegs at the perfect height for easy access
    No more bending or stretching to reach pegs
  • 4 x Hook Loops & 2 x Deep Pocket hold up to 100 pegs
    Keep all your pegs on hand when you need them
  • Comfortable and stylish
    Easy wear and comfortable with simple scarf design to suit all sizes
  • Perfect for Renters or Communal Living
    No more stolen pegs! Keep your pegs with you at all times and no more supplying pegs to the unit block 
  • Integrated Storage Hook
    For home, caravan or camping, the handy storage hook allows for easy storage and hanging.


Hear What Andrew thinks of the new Peg Scarf.



Summer is a big fan too!


Full Specifications

Peg Scarf
Country of Manufacture
Heavy Duty Polyester
Vertical Length
1 Metre
Black Cockatoo, Blue Marble, Natural Stripe, Waratah

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