EcoDry Portable Clothesline

EcoDry Portable Clothesline - Portable Clothesline Actual Image Side Perspective
EcoDry Portable Clothesline - Portable Clothesline
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EcoDry Portable Clothesline - Portable Clothesline Close Up String
EcoDry Portable Clothesline - Portable Clothesline Close Up Tensioner
EcoDry Portable Clothesline - Portable Clothesline Height Adjustment
EcoDry Portable Clothesline - Portable Clothesline Actual Image Side View
EcoDry Portable Clothesline

EcoDry Portable Clothesline

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Product Features

EcoDry Portable Clothesline

Sporting an ingenious collapsible design with multiple height adjustment and variable line tension, the EcoDry Portable clothesline is a perfect combination of form and function.

This model is suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors. Thanks to the castor wheels, moving the EcoDry Portable from one place to another is more convenient and choosing your preferred drying area is definitely a lot less daunting.

The compact, space-saving design also makes it easier to be tucked away, neatly out of sight, ready for use on your next laundry day.

100% designed and made in Australia, the EcoDry Portable is UV and rust resistant, the unique line tensioning system virtually eliminates the dreaded ‘line sagging’. 

It also ensures that you’ll get more years out of your drying unit’s usable life since the lines are kept optimally tight.

The height can be adjusted from 95cm to 142cm and offers a generous drying space courtesy of the 10 drying lines.

It is also considerably light at just 4.62kg so it is perfect for small spaces with one to two dwellers such as condominiums and apartments, even in small balconies.

You can even use it as an extra drying unit for your newborn baby’s clothes or if you cannot use your clothesline outside!


  • Multiple adjustable heights
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Castor wheels
  • Unique line tension system
  • Collapsible
  • Easy to move
  • Lines can be tightened to make them last

Updated 1 August 2021

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    Full Specifications

    Ecodry Clotheslines
    Country of Manufacture
    2-3 People
    Total Line Space
    Assembly Required
    No - Fully Assembled
    Number of Lines
    Line Spacing
    Frame Height
    Adjustable 95cm - 145cm
    Frame Material
    2 years
    Open Size
    1.66m x 0.71m x 1.42m
    Closed Size
    1.66m x 0.71m x 0.1m
    Image for showing width Width
    1.66 Metres
    Image for showing depth Depth
    0.71 Metres
    Image for showing fit Fit
    Double Sheets
    Image for showing capacity Capacity
    2 Washloads

    What's Included

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use this clothesline outdoors?

    Absolutely! The EcoDry Portable is great for outdoor drying thanks to its sturdy aluminium and UV-stabilised plastic construction. Lightweight yet sturdy enough for even tough jobs!

    How easy is the EcoDry Portable to assemble?

    The best thing about the EcoDry Portable is it does not require assembly at all, it’s ready for use right out of the box.

    How much does the Portable 170 weigh?

    This clothesline is ultra lightweight compared to competing products weighing just 4.62 kilograms!

    Does it fold up flat for storage and if so how do I do that?

    Thanks to its ergonomic, color-coded dials, the EcoDry Portable can easily be stowed away with just a couple of twists—saving you heaps of space in no time.

    How much line space do I get with this model?

    The EcoDry Portable boasts 16m of total drying line space, that's enough for about about two loads of washing.