Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire - Galvanised Rolled Wire
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Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

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Product Features

Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

The Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire is a new replacement pack suitable for Austral clothes hoists, as well as other branded clothes hoists that are manufactured using galvanised wire.

This product is available in two size options: 50m and 70m, each of which are genuine Austral spare parts  manufactured to ensure the maximum life span of your clothesline unit.

50m Wire Suits Austral Galvanised Clothesline Models
Note: Suits units with 4m head diameter or 40m of line space

  • Elite 4 Rotary
  • Deluxe 4 Rotary
  • Super 4 Rotary

70m Wire Suits Austral Galvanised Clothesline Models
Note: Suits units with 5m head diameter or 50m of line space

  • Deluxe 5 Rotary
  • Super 5 Rotary
  • Super 6 Rotary

Updated 30 July 2021

    Full Specifications

    Country of Manufacture
    Bluescope Galvanised Wire, Hemp Core
    Line Length
    50m or 70m

    What's Included

    1x 50m/70m Galvanised Clothesline Wire

    Shipping & Delivery

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use This With a Different Brand of Clothesline?

    Definitely! This premium quality replacement clothesline cord pack works with any other clothesline brand and might just las longer thanks to its reinforced core and UV-resistant coating resulting in a very durable cord system.

    Can I Cut This to Fit My Smaller Clothesline?

    Of course, buying a longer replacement cord can save you a bit more in the long run and might also come in handy for when your old cord suddenly snaps due to age or the weight of wet items.

    Will I Be Able to Restring/Rewire the Clothesline Myself?

    It doesn’t take a lot to reinstall new cords/wire on your clothesline and it’s a pretty easy DIY task but if you find it too difficult, we offer Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service that you can avail through here:

    What Materials are Used in This Clothesline Cord?

    Standard plastic clothesline cords are made of UV-stabilised plastic with multi-filament fiber core for added tensile strength, steel cords are made of durable and rust-resistant, galvanised steel wires twisted around a hemp core.

    How Long is the Warranty Coverage?

    All of our clothesline cords have a standard 12-month warranty.