Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary Clothes Hoist

Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary Clothes Hoist
Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary Clothes Hoist - Galvanized Rotary Installed
Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary Clothes Hoist - Galvanized Rotary
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Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary Clothes Hoist

Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary Clothes Hoist

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Product Features

The biggest and best budget clothes hoist built right here on Aussie shores and packs similar punch to the more exy Super hoists.

The Austral Deluxe 5 Rotary is one of Austral's new permanent fixed clothes hoists on the market today.

Features of the Austral Deluxe series include galvanised steel tubing, a plastic gear case and galvanised clothesline wire, each of which are designed to handle the harsh Australian climate.

Full Specifications

Austral Clotheslines
Country of Manufacture
1-6 People
Total Line Space
Outside Line Length
Line Spacing
290mm inner/365mm outer
Diameter of Pole
Area Required
6m x 6m
Compatible with Cover
Folding & Removable
No - Fixed
20 yrs frame
Ground Socket
Handle Case
Galvanised Steel Finish
Image for showing diameter Diameter
5 Metres
Image for showing no of lines No of lines
Image for showing fit Fit
King Sheets
Image for showing capacity Capacity
5 Washloads

What's Included

1 x Austral Fixed Rotary Clothesline
1 x Accessory Pack
1 x Clothesline Wire Pack
1 x Instruction Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the clothesline made of?

It is a fully galvanised steel frame built to withstand decades of abuse regardless of the climate.

Does this model come with any warranty?

Yes, all Austral Fixed Head Rotary clotheslines come with a 20 year structural warranty. Please refer to the paperwork that you will receive with your clothesline.

How much space do I need to have so it will fit in my backyard without interfering with anything when it is rotating in the breeze?

It is best to allow an extra 1 metre to the diameter of the clotheslines for free rotation. You will find the Head Diameter and Area Required under the ‘Dimensions’ tab on each product page.

Can the Fixed Head rotary clothesline be removed from the ground?

No, this type of clothesline is permanently cemented into the ground.

If the diameter of the clothesline is a bit big for the area I have, can I reduce it?

Yes, this is very easy to do. Remove the caps on the ends of the arms and trim down with a hacksaw, replace the caps. You may lose the outer line when doing this though.