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Glossary of Clothesline Terms

Glossary of Clothesline Industry Terms and Terminology

Austral Clotheslines

Austral clotheslines are an Australian based clothesline company situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Austral have been manufacturing clothesline and washing line products for over 30 years and make a large range of clothesline products including rotary, retractable and foldown clotheslines, for both indoor and outdoor use.>>>More information on Austral Clotheslines 

Australian Made Clotheslines

Australia has long been the leading country when it comes to clothesline and washing line development and manufacturing, and today there are still a number of Australian based companys that still manufacture clothes lines in Australia. These companys include Austral Clotheslines who make rotary, retractable and foldown products, City Living Clotheslines who make a selection of quality folding frame and foldown clotheslines, and Versaline Clotheslines who manufacture a unique retractable style of clothes line.

Breeze Brake

A Breeze Brake is a unique clothesline braking device installed on all Australian manufactured clotheslines, that prevents a rotary style of clothesline spinning freely on windy days. The breeze brake locks the head of the clothesline in one position, so clothes and washing can easily be hung out on windy days. Breeze brakes are currently available on all fixed head rotary hoist's and folding head removable rotary clothes lines.  

City Living Clotheslines

City Living Clotheslines are an Australian owned company based in Sydney, Australia, who have been manufacturing clothesline products since the mid 1970’s. City Living Clotheslines are one of the few remaining companies still making clothes line products in Australia and using only locally sourced parts and materials where available. All the work involved with the clothesline manufacture process, apart from some powder coating painting, is done in City Livings own premises.>>> More information on City Living Clotheslines

Core Hole Drilling

Core Hole Drilling is a special service used when installing clotheslines in specific situations. Core holes are needed when clotheslines are to be installed into rock or concrete surfaces and also when installing through pavers and tiles. Core Hole Drilling is a service offered by Lifestyle Clotheslines, however there is an additional fee attached to this service when required.

Foldaway Rotary Clothesline

Foldaway rotary clotheslines are a rotary style clothesline that has a folding head which allows it to be folded up and removed from the ground when not required. Foldaway rotary clotheslines are the most common type of rotary clothesline currently found in Australia as they allow for the clothesline to be hiiden away when entertaining or having parties or when the kids want more room to kick the footy!>>> More information of Foldaway Rotary Clotheslines

Foldown Clotheslines

Foldown clotheslines are a unique type of clothesline produt that can be either wall mounted or ground mounted, and fold up into a horizontial position when required for use. When not required the clothes line folds flat to the wall or ground mount kit out of the way, and this style of clothesline is very popular where space is limited. These products come in a range of sizes ad styles to fit most modern living situations.>>> More information on Foldown Clotheslines   

Ground Mount Kit

A ground mount kit is a set of steel legs that allow for a foldown or folding frame styled clothesline to be installed free standing. This method is often used when there is no wall available for the clothesline to be attached to or the clothesline is required to be mounted in a position away from a wall. Ground mount kits are available in set heights or some companys also manufacture a two piece kit that allows for the final clothesline height to be adjusted after installation.>>> More information on Clothesline Ground Mount Kits

Ground Socket

A Ground Socket is a heavy duty plastic socket that gets concreted into the ground, which then allows for the clothesline to be removed after installation. Ground sockets come standard with all foldaway rotary clotheslines and they can also be used with ground mounted foldown clotheslines and retractable clotheslines to allow these products to be removed from the ground when not required. Additional ground sockets are often purchased when rotary clotheslines in particular are required to be installed in two different positions, such as a summer drying area and a winter drying area. Ground sockets also come with a top cap which stops things falling into the socket when the clothes line is not in use.>>> More information on Clothesline Ground Socket

Hills Clotheslines

Hills clothesline products are one of the most widely known clothesline products in the world and especially Australia, where almost every home has a "Hills Hoist" in their backyard. Hills today are a huge multi-national company that still manufacturers a large range of clothesline products such as rotary, retractable, folding frame and foldown products.>>> More information on
Hills Folding Frame Clothesline
Hills Rotary Clotheslines - Folding Head 
Hills Clothes Hoists 
Hills Clothesline Accessories

Line Tension Lock

A Line Tension lock is a unique locking device that comes standad on all Austral foldown clotheslines. The line tension lock allows for the perfect tension to be kept on the lines of your clothesline at all times and is a feature that some other clothesline brands do not have.>>> More information Clothesline Line Tension Lock

Powder Coated Paint

Powder coating paint work is the industry standard painting method today, as it allows for a very tough and resilient paint finish to be applied to many clotheslines quickly. Powder coating is where the paint in actually baked on to the steel and not just brushed or sprayed on, which gives a higher quality finish and longer lasting colours.

Retractable Clothesline

Retractable clotheslines are a distinctive style of clothesline that range in the number of lines they have from 1 to 6, and can be used over varying degrees of length. Typically how a retractable clothesline works is that they have a number of lines that extend out of a cabinet or box and attach to an opposite wall or post, then when not required any further the lines simply retract back into the cabinet out of the way. Retractable clotheslines are very popular today as drying space is normally at a premium on modern sections and people like the fact the lines retract away out of site. The leading brands of retractable clotheslines sold in Australia range from 4-6 lines and extend out to lengths of up to 10m.>>> More information on Retractable Clotheslines    

Rotary Clotheslines

Rotary clotheslines are broken down into two common styles, with those being Foldaway rotary(removable) and Fixed Head rotary(Permanently fixed). Rotary clotheslines are clotheslines that have normally a large head that has a number of lines for hanging your washing and clothes, and rotates around a central pole or main stem. Rotary clothes lines can be adjustable in height to suit the user or they can be fixed type models that only have one height setting.>>> More information on Foldaway Rotary Clotheslines and Fixed Head Clothes Hoists

Versaline Clotheslines

Versaline Clotheslines are an Australian based clothesline manufacturer that make a unique style of clothesline product. Versaline clotheslines are often referred to as the "disappearing clothesline" as this product can be easily removed and stored away in under 30 seconds. Versaline have been manufacturing clotheslines for over 8 years and are one of the few manufacturers who make a stainless steel model of clothesline.>>> More information on Versaline Clotheslines  

Wall Mounted Clotheslines

Wall mounted clotheslines fall into a range of category's such as foldown, folding frame and retractable clotheslines. These products can be mounted in a variety of situations and to almost any style of wall including brick, concrete and block walls. Wall mounted clotheslines come in a large range of sizes to suit the largest family down to a line for a single person.>>> More information on Wall Mounted Clotheslines