About Us




Lifestyle Clotheslines was formed in early 2005 to offer its customers environmentally friendly, innovative and functional clothes line products available through the convenience of the internet. 

Lifestyle Clotheslines is committed to offering only quality, proven, and guaranteed products that come fully backed by the product's manufacturer,as well as Lifestyle Clotheslines own satisfaction guarantee.

The reduction of household energy demands and green house gas emissions through the use of clothes lines, coupled with the health benefits of drying clothes with natural sunlight, are also key concerns for the company. Continually adding the most innovative new products available, Lifestyle Clotheslines is the online market leader for retractable clothes line, folding clothes line, foldaway clothes line and hills hoist style clothes lines.

Lifestyle Clotheslines is owned and operated by Nelson International Pty Ltd ABN 41123580834 which is proudly an Australian company situated in Sydney, NSW.