Wall Mounted Clothes Line

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    Wall mounted and folding clotheslines are the perfect option for the back yard as they offer lots of line space to air dry your washing for free.

    All wall mount folding frame clotheslines have a folding action that allows them to be folded flat to the wall.

    Large width washing lines can dry a sheet size up to super king plus have hanging space for a family of 5-6 people.

    Wall mounted clothes line and washing lines are the top category of modern clothes lines as their folding action allows for the unit to be folded flat when not required, plus installed into compact areas in the back yard.

    Offering a huge amount of drying space and hanging space for the family laundry needs or small frame clotheslines for one person, a wall mount clothesline is a must to air dry your laundry for free.

    Large folding clotheslines over 3m can dry a sheet size of king or super king and have line space that is similar to a medium rotary clothesline.

    The standard wall mounted clothes line installation is to either a brick wall or concrete wall or a solid surface, or if you dont have a suitable wall you can add a ground mount kit to install these folding action clothes lines free standing. 

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    8 products