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    Wall mounted and folding clotheslines are the perfect option for the back yard as they offer lots of line space to air dry your washing for free.

    All wall mount folding frame clotheslines have a folding action that allows them to be folded flat against the wall and come in a variety of sizes ranging from smaller units made of galvanised steel that boast the largest colour range like ECO and Austral.

    Hills folding frame clotheslines are also available, boasting lifetime warranty and the legendary Hills quality and aesthetics that Aussies have come to love.

    Stainless steel fold down clothes lines are geared towards the harsh Australian climate and areas with very corrosive elements like in properties close to the shore or sea.

    Regardless of the type you choose, rest easy knowing that you are getting a quality product while supporting a wide network of local business for them to thrive.

    Utmost Customisability

    Depending on what you're looking for, these pre assembled washing line units can be purchased in sizes that can fit towels all the way to queen size sheets and king sheets.

    A few brands allow custom widths and there's a broad range of colour options for you to choose from when buying a new clothes line.

    Our friendly clothesline experts will be more than happy to assist you with these, just give is a call at 1800 798 779 or chat in and let us help you with finding the perfect fold down clothesline for your washing needs.

    Heaps of Hanging Space/Line Space

    Large width washing lines can dry towels and queen sheets up to super king, plus, have hanging space for a family of 5-6 people.

    Wall mounted clothesline and washing lines are the top category of modern clothes lines as their folding action allows for the unit to be folded flat when not required, plus installed into compact areas in the back yard.

    Offering a huge amount of drying space and hanging space (like hills folding frames) for the family laundry needs or small frame clotheslines for one person, a wall mount clothesline is a must to air dry your laundry for free.

    Large folding clotheslines over 3m can dry a sheet size of king or super king and have line space that is similar to medium-sized rotary clotheslines.

    Conversion to Freestanding Ground Mounted Folding Clothesline

    The standard wall mounted clothesline installation is to either a brick wall, concrete wall or a solid surface at users head height (for convenience) using wall fixings included in the box...

    ...but if you don't have a suitable wall, there's a ground mount kit option to install these folding frame clothesline, converting them into freestanding units.

    This allows you to further expand the possibilities of your folding clothesline and to maximise the outdoor space of your home.

    Check out this page for the suitability of wall mounting a clothesline on various surfaces.

    Ground Mount Kit Options

    Ground mounting fold down clothesline involves either a standard ground mount kit or plated ground mount kit allowing you to install a fold down clothesline on different ground surfaces.

    The former involves a typical post kit wherein the ends are concreted into the ground, suitable for grass or soil areas.

    The latter is basically a post kit that's modified with metal plates welded at the ends, this foot plate setup is perfect for existing concrete area while mitigating the need for core drilling since the plates can be easily bolted onto concrete slabs.

    Using the included installation instructions, you can take the DIY approach or avail of our trusted professional installers available Australia wide.

    Wall Mounted or freestanding, we have the perfect solution to suit every house/backyard, no matter how complex situation may be.

    Add this option while shopping for a new clothesline, you can also view brand-specific Ground Mount Kits by clicking on the links below:

    - ECO Ground Mount Kit
    - Austral Ground Mount Kit
    - Hills Ground Mount Kit
    - Sunbreeze Ground Mount Kit

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