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Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire
Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire - Galvanised Rolled Wire
Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

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Key Features


Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire

The Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire is a new replacement pack suitable for Austral clothes hoists, as well as other branded clothes hoists that are manufactured using galvanised wire.

This product is available in two size options: 50m and 70m, each of which are genuine Austral spare parts manufactured to ensure the maximum life span of your clothesline unit.

50m Wire Suits Austral Galvanised Clothesline Models
Note: Suits units with 4m head diameter or 40m of line space

  • Elite 4 Rotary
  • Deluxe 4 Rotary
  • Super 4 Rotary

70m Wire Suits Austral Galvanised Clothesline Models
Note: Suits units with 5m head diameter or 50m of line space

  • Deluxe 5 Rotary
  • Super 5 Rotary
  • Super 6 Rotary

Updated 30 July 2021

    Full Specifications

    Country of Manufacture
    Bluescope Galvanised Wire, Hemp Core
    Line Length
    50m or 70m

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Definitely! This premium quality replacement clothesline cord pack works with any other clothesline brand and might just las longer thanks to its reinforced core and UV-resistant coating resulting in a very durable cord system.
    Of course, buying a longer replacement cord can save you a bit more in the long run and might also come in handy for when your old cord suddenly snaps due to age or the weight of wet items.
    It doesn’t take a lot to reinstall new cords/wire on your clothesline and it’s a pretty easy DIY task but if you find it too difficult, we offer Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service that you can avail through here: https://www.lifestyleclotheslines.com.au/clothesline-rewire-service
    Standard plastic clothesline cords are made of UV-stabilised plastic with multi-filament fiber core for added tensile strength, steel cords are made of durable and rust-resistant, galvanised steel wires twisted around a hemp core.
    All of our clothesline cords have a standard 12-month warranty.

    We're here to help.

    If you have any questions about the Austral Galvanised Clothesline Wire, installation or anything else, then just call 1300 798 779 or click the button below for other ways to reach us.