Clothesline Installation and Removal

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Clothesline Installation and Removal

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Clothesline Installation and Removal of Old Clothesline

With purchase of your new clothesline, you can now add our expert clothesline installation and removal of old clothesline service for all outdoor clothesline products purchased through our website.

We have a dedicated team of installers throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, plus many other major cities in Australia, who take the hassle out of installing your new clothes line. A flat rate of $159.00 is charged for a standard installation*, with other services such as old clothes line removal and core hole drilling also available for a additional fee's.

Clotheslines can be installed into and onto most surfaces commonly found today, including grass or soil ground areas, concrete slabs, pavers, tiles, concrete walls, and brick walls.

For installation onto weatherboard, hebel or a fence (timber, colorbond, etc), it is technically possible, but this type of installation is not recommended by Lifestyle Clotheslines and our installers will generally not install to this type of surface. In most situations, we do offer another alternative to this type of installation, such as installing the clothesline to a ground mount kit directly in front of the weatherboard or fence.

If you are not sure about an installation please feel free to give us a call on 1300 798 779 and discuss your needs with one of our expert clothes line customer support staff.

(*) Standard meaning no rock or concrete obstructions
If rock is struck when digging or the clothesline needs to be installed into rock, an extra charge of $80.00 will be charged for jackhammering.

Taking away of the old line is $60.00 to cut off and remove. This means that your old clothesline will be cut off at the very ground level and dismantled and disposed of from your premises. Please note the old concrete in the ground will not be dug out and removed.

A core drilling service is also available for those installations that require it. This service is best used when installing clotheslines into paving, concrete pads or decks and solid rock formations. The cost for this service is $100.00 per hole, however this may vary depending on your area.

As a point of guidance, our installers Core Hole Drill at a diameter of 125mm to 250mm.

Please Note: Our installation service is for the installation of clotheslines. This does not include clothesline covers.

To order clothesline installation through one of our installers or any of these additional services please feel free to give us a call on 1300 798 779.

Warranty Period for clothesline installation service is 12 months.

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