Hills 30m Clothesline Replacement Pack

Hills 30m Clothesline Replacement Pack Beige
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Hills 30m Clothesline Replacement Pack

Hills 30m Clothesline Replacement Pack

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Product Features

Hills 30m Clothesline Replacement Pack - Beige

The Hills Polycore 30m Clothesline Replacement Packs is suitable for Hills clothesline products but can also be used on other non Hills models.

Ideally suited for replacing the cord or line on Hills Folding Frame and Foldown clotheslines, the 30m Hills replacement cord pack comes in a beige colour to match most lines.

This premium quality multi-filament cord is weather resistant and very durable, synonymous with the Hills brand. 

The Hills polycore line contains a unique twisted multi-filament cord that ensures longevity and aids in reducing line sag and helps keep your line taut.

Updated 1 August 2021

Full Specifications

Country of Manufacture
UV-Resistant, High Tensile-Strength Plastic

What's Included

1 x 30m Clothesline Cord Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use This With a Different Brand of Clothesline?

Definitely! This premium quality replacement clothesline cord pack works with any other clothesline brand and might just las longer thanks to its reinforced core and UV-resistant coating resulting in a very durable cord system.

Can I Cut This to Fit My Smaller Clothesline?

Of course, buying a longer replacement cord can save you a bit more in the long run and might also come in handy for when your old cord suddenly snaps due to age or the weight of wet items.

Will I Be Able to Restring/Rewire the Clothesline Myself?

It doesn’t take a lot to reinstall new cords/wire on your clothesline and it’s a pretty easy DIY task but if you find it too difficult, we offer Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service that you can avail through here: https://www.lifestyleclotheslines.com.au/clothesline-rewire-service

What Materials are Used in This Clothesline Cord?

Standard plastic clothesline cords are made of UV-stabilised plastic with multi-filament fiber core for added tensile strength, steel cords are made of durable and rust-resistant, galvanised steel wires twisted around a hemp core.

How Long is the Warranty Coverage?

All of our clothesline cords have a standard 12-month warranty.