Wall Mounted Drying Rack

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    Using a modern wall mounted drying rack is the most eco friendly and cost effective way to dry your laundry and washing.

    All leading brands offer a foldable wall mounted drying rack option that folds completely flat to the wall when its not required, which is a very handy space saving option in an apartment, unit or home with limited space.

    Wall mounted drying racks come in a range of sizes and styles with the smallest unit starting with the Foxydry Fold at just 60cm wide, right up to the biggest and best wall mounted dry rack option which would be the Eco 333 clothes line at 333cm wide. 

    Installation and mounting of a wall mounted drying rack needs to be to a solid structure or surface such as a brick or concrete wall, or into wall studs behind gyprock or plasterboard wall types. For plaster or gyprock situations a section of timber can be mounted to the wall that picks up the wall studs behind, then the dry rack can be safely mounted to this timber.

    If you are looking for a wall mounted drying rack that can be adjusted in height and moves up and down the wall, checkout the Foxydry wall drying rack which is a very popular unit.


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    26 products