TopLine 80 Clothesline

TopLine 80 Clothesline
TopLine 80 Clothesline
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TopLine 80 Clothesline

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Product Features

TopLine 80 Clothesline

The brand new Topline 80 indoor electric clothesline is your premium indoor clothes drying solution, that makes laundry days a breeze.

Installed to your ceiling and ready to dry all year round, this unit is remote controlled and with the push of a button, the drying rods lower from the ceiling ready for action.

Simply load the unit with laundry, push a button to raise it up to the ceiling and let your homes heat or the built in heater dry your clothes in a flash!

Installation Note: A professional electrician or home handyman can easily install TopLine indoor clothesline. TopLine products need to be hardwired, so it is recommended that you get a qualified electrician to complete the electrical installation.


  • Compact unit at 80cm Long x 31cm Wide
  • 5 Extendable Drying Rods from 80cm wide to 160cm
  • Wireless Remote Control operation for all ages
  • Builtin LED light
  • Heater for warm air drying and fan for cool air
  • Big 35kg load capacity

What's Included with the TopLine 80 Clothesline

  • 1 x Topline 80 clothesline unit
  • 1 x Wireless Remote Control
  • 1 x Instruction & Installation Manual

Updated 1 August 2021

    Full Specifications

    Country of Manufacture
    1-2 People
    Number of Laths/Rods
    2 Clothes Rods with Coat Hanger Holes, 2 Bed Sheet Rods, 1 Middle Rod with Coat Hanger Holes
    Unit Length
    80cm - 160cm
    Drop Length from Ceiling
    2-year parts and labour on the unit, 5-years on motor
    Aluminium/Stainless Steel
    Wireless Remote Control
    LED Lighting
    Fan for Cool Air Drying
    Fan for Warm Air Drying
    Image for showing width Width
    0.31 Metres
    Image for showing length Length
    0.8 - 1.6 Metres
    Image for showing fit Fit
    Single Sheets
    Image for showing capacity Capacity
    1 Washload

    What's Included

    1 x Topline 80 clothesline unit
    1 x Wireless Remote Control
    1 x Instruction & Installation Manual

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can This Be Installed Outdoors?

    While indoor installation is most recommended, you can have this model installed in very covered, out of the weather areas as well (eg. Garage, Patios).

    What Type of Ceiling Can This Airer Be Installed On?

    The system can be installed under any ceiling as long as they are directly screwed into a structural beam/stud that can hold the weight of the airer as well as the wet laundry being dried. You’ll find that a ceiling with exposed beams will work in your favour, we recommend using a stud finder to make the installation process easier.

    What safety features does TopLine have?

    TopLine has a motor overheating protection, this feature will turn the unit off if someone happens to overload it with too much weight. It will also turn off if it is continually put up and down which resets after 15 minutes of inactivity. The TopLine 150 also boasts a motion sensor when the UV lamp is operating which automatically shuts it off if there is movement detected near the unit. All motorised TopLine clotheslines have obstacle sensors that stops the descent of the frame if it senses anything in the way.

    What Is This Clothesline Made Of?

    The TopLine Ceiling Rail Clothesline is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel for long lifespan and rust resistance.

    How Much Weight Can It Handle?

    This clothesline can carry up to 35 kilograms of wet articles.