Hills Wall Mounted Clothesline

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    The Hills Wall Mounted Clothesline is a great option for lots of drying space in small or compact areas.

    Perfect for down the side of the house or in the backyard, these Hills clotheslines can be wall mounted or ground mounted.

    Super easy to use, the new Hills wall mounted clothesline only requires one hand to operate and fold's flat to the wall when not required.

    All Hills Wall Mounted Clothesline models throughout Australia are in stock and depending on the Hills clothesline model you choose, it may be wall mounted, or installed onto posts if no suitable wall is available.

    There are a range of options available from compact wall mount units for singles and apartment living, all the way through to large wall mounted clotheslines for families with big drying needs.

    If you still have wall mounted queries, please call us on 1300 798 779 to talk to our friendly Hills wall mounted clothesline experts today.

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    5 products