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    Finding the best drying rack for your apartment, unit or home is one of the most cost effective purchases you can make.

     A modern laundry drying rack is available in a range of types and sizes including wall mounted drying rack options that are easily foldable when not required and fold flat to the wall.

    Portable drying rack options including tower and units with wings that fold out to increase the hanging space to compact units that are used over the bath or behind a door.

    If you have limited space, a ceiling mounted electric clothes drying rack might be a good option as this is operated by a wireless remote control and dry's a large amount of laundry and washing indoors, all year round.

    One of the most popular large clothes drying rack options is the Hills Portable 170 clothes line which folds flat and is at the perfect height for hanging your laundry.

    If you have any questions on which drying rack is best for you, please feel free to call on 1300 798 779 at anytime to discuss your needs.

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    24 products