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    A clothes horse is ideal for drying washing and laundry indoors if the weather is bad or you have limited space, or outside if the sun is shining.

    Perfect for drying washing in a unit, apartment or the family home, a modern clothes horse is available in a range of sizes and styles in Australia from leading brands such as Hills, Artweger and Foxydry.

    When it comes to the best large clothes horse option, the Hills Portable 170 clothes horse is our pick as it can be used as an outdoor clothes horse as it does not fall over in the wind, or it can easily be moved inside as an indoor drying option. 

    Our pick for the best small clothes horse option would be the Artweger Twist clothes horse which is lightweight and easily movable, plus folds flat for easy storage.

    The largest of all clothes horse products is the monster unit, the Sunchaser mobile clothes horse which is 2.4m wide and opens up to 1.8m wide, which provides as much drying space as a Hills Hoist clothes line.

    Materials used in clothes horse construction include steel, alumimium, bamboo and wood, with each of these materials offering a benefit in their own way. 

    Steel clothes horse options are generally a bit heavier units so withstanding outdoor conditions better and dont blow over easily, where alumimium and bamboo clothes horse options are lighterweight units best suited as an indoor drying option.

    If you need any help or advice on which clothes horse is best for your needs, please feel free to call on 1300 798 779 at anytime.

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    27 products