Austral Rotary Clothes Line

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    Austral Rotary Clothes Line and Austral Rotary Hoist models are available in a range of sizes and colours to match the modern home.

    The Austral Foldaway clothes line range is a fully removable folding rotary clothesline, with the Rotary Hoist the permanent, all steel fixed option.

    Austral are the only Australian made rotary clothes line still made in Australia and built to withstand our tough conditions.

    The Austral Rotary clothes line range comes in two separate styles of rotary clothesline with the Austral Foldaway being the folding and removable option, and the Super and Deluxe range the all steel, fixed units.

    Austral Foldaway clothes line comes in the two models of the Foldaway 45 and Foldaway 51, with the 51 being the larger of the two folding rotary models.

    If the permanently fixed style of all metal clothes hoist is more to your liking, then the Super 4 and Super 5 are the biggest and best Austral rotary clothes hoist models, plus the Deluxe 4 and Deluxe 5 which have a plastic handle. 

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    7 products