Austral 3.3m Ground Mount Kit

Austral 3.3m Ground Mount Kit

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Woodland Grey (Standard for Soil/Grass)
Woodland Grey (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30)
Classic Cream (Standard for Soil/Grass)
Classic Cream (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30)
Surfmist (Standard for Soil/Grass)
Surfmist (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30)
Dune (Standard for Soil/Grass)
Dune (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30)
Monument (Standard for Soil/Grass)
Monument (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30)
White (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
White (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
Black (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
Black (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
Basalt (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
Basalt (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
Cottage Green (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
Cottage Green (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
Shale Grey (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
Shale Grey (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
Paperbark (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
Paperbark (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
Wallaby (Standard for Soil/Grass) NSW ONLY
Wallaby (Plated for Concrete Slab +$30) NSW ONLY
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Key Features


Austral 3.3m Ground Mount Kit

Not for Individual Sale - Can only be ordered with clothesline

Austral 3.3m Ground Mount Kit is for the ground mounting of the Austral 3.3m fold down clothesline only.

The ground mount kit allows for these types of fold down clothes lines to be installed free standing anywhere around your home or garden.

There are two style of ground mount kit available which are standard (for soil/grass installations) or plated (for mounting to flat concrete slab area).

Installation requires two holes dug with 200-250mm diameter and approximately 400-500mm deep depending on desired finished height. Pre-mix cement is used to fix the posts into soil.

The Ground Mount Posts are multi punched for ease and height flexibility, allowing the frame to be installed to the user's correct height. This allows the plugs to be removed easily, which allows the height re-positioning of the frame if required.

To adjust the height of the clothesline frame, remove the cord and bolts, then re-position the frame and secure with the bolts and re-cord.

The foldown frame rests against the upright posts when situated in the folded position.

Updated 29 July 2021

Full Specifications

Country of Manufacture
Powder-Coated, Galvanised Steel
Product Compatibility
Compact 39, Slenderline 20
Back Bar Length
Multi Punched Holes for Height Adjustment
Standard Post Dimensions
2370mm x 50mm x 25mm
Suitable for Installation on Concrete Slab
Yes, Plated Ground Mount Kit is Available
Plated Post Dimensions
1860mm x 50mm x 25mm
Plated Post Fixing Height
Welded Plated Dimensions
150mm x 100mm x 5mm
Dynabolt Drill Hole Dimensions for Plates
10mm Holes to Suit 8mm bolts

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