Hills Supa Fold Long Line clothes line pictured here mounted to a brick wall

Hills Supa Fold Long Line Clothesline

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  • Product Description

    Designed Specifically For Long Narrow Areas

    If you have a new home you know that where to put the clothes line is a common issue.

    Hills have designed the Supa Fold Long Line clothes line specifically for those longer and narrow areas of new homes that are done the side of your house or in a walk way situation.

    With a single long narrow frame that folds down flat against the wall when you dont need it and combined with a stylish curved design, it is the ideal clothes line for tight or limited access areas.

    The Supa Fold Long Line is perfect for narrow passage ways and limited space areas such as walkways and down the side of the house, and as its wall mount only it can be used in many situations around your home. Superbly powdercoated in Pebble Beach finish.

    A cover is also an optional extra for this product which does come in very handy if you are at work as you have peace of mind that the clothes will stay dry if it is does start to rain. 

    If the width of this clothesline does not suit the space you have, watch this video to show how it can be customised - Width Modification You can also find out more about installing this product here.

    Hills also make some accessory items that you may also find helpful and these include the new Panier laundry trolley and some excellent ironing boards.

    Installation Note: A core hole is only required when installing into existing concrete, e.g. a pathway. Not required in the ground(grass/soil)


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    How to Install a Hills Supa Fold

  • FAQ

    Can I make the width of my Hills Supa Fold clothesline smaller?

    Yes, this is very easy to do, just trim down the front bar before assembly to reduce the width. You will find more information about this in the instruction manual.

    Can I get a special colour for my clothesline?
    No, the Hills Supa Fold clotheslines are only available in the colour/s shown on each Product Page.
    Can I install the clothesline in the ground instead of on the wall?
    With most models, yes. Just check the Product Page for a ‘Ground Mount Kit’ option.
    Can I install a fold down clothesline on a wall other than brick?

    Yes you can but you will just need to make sure the mounting brackets align with the structural supports in the wall. If not you may be able to customise the width of the clothesline(see above) to suit the supports. Another solution would be to purchase a Ground Mount Kit(if available) with the clothesline and install it freestanding in front of the wall.

    Can I install a fold down clothesline on a fence?

    Yes, this is very similar to mounting on a non-brick wall, the mounting brackets would need to align with the fence posts and they would have to be nice and solid. You will also need to check council regulations in your area to see if this is allowed. A freestanding Ground Mount Kit is an alternative once again.

    What is the best height for installing a fold down clothesline?

    A general rule of thumb is to install the top bolt of the fixing bracket at approx. 50mm above the users head height. An average height is approx. 1800mm but you can adjust this to suit your requirements.

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  • Other Details

    Total Line Space : 19m
    Unit Size: 3.3m x 0.6m
    Area Required: 3.4m x 1.1m
    Number of Lines: 6
    Mounting Options: Wall Only
    Warranty: 10 Years
    Suits: 1 - 3 People