TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothesline

TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothes Line
TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothes Line showing in closed position
TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothes Line showing in open position
TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothes Line showing close up of mounting bracket
TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothes Line viewed from front on

TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothesline

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Key Features


TopLine S01 Wall Mounted Clothes Line

The new S01 wall mounted clothes line is a totally new style of product recently released in Australia.

With 3 aluminium alloy dry rods and 60 hanger holes, this new age wall clothesline boasts load capacity of 150kg to take the heaviest of washes.

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Full Specifications

Country of Manufacture
1-6 People
Number of Laths/Rods
3 Clothes Rods with 60 Total Hanger Holes (20 per Rail)
Total Line Space
Area Required
3m x 1m
Aluminium/Stainless Steel
Metal Finish
Image for showing width Width
1.2 - 2.7 Metres
Image for showing depth Depth
0.28 - 0.94 Metres
Image for showing fit Fit
King Sheets
Image for showing capacity Capacity
1 Washload

What's Included

Frequently Asked Questions

While indoor installation is most recommended, you can also have this model installed in out of the weather areas as well (eg. Garage, Patios) to ensure long service life.
The system can be installed on any wall as long as it's mounted directly on a sturdy wall (ie. concrete), in the case of drywall, it's imperative that the frame is bolted directly onto structural beams to ensure the product's integrity.
Suitable for 1-6 people, the TopLine S01 clothesline has three rails measuring in at 2.7 metres wide each and has 20 hanger holes per rail that allows you to hang up to 60 items in one sitting using hangers.
The TopLine S01 clothesline is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel for long lifespan and rust resistance.
This clothesline can carry up to an amazing 150 kilograms of wet items.

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