Fold Down Clothesline Cover 3.0m

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Fold Down Clothesline Cover 3.0m

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Product Features

Folding Frame Clothesline Cover for fold down clotheslines 3.0m wide and 700mm to 1600mm deep. All covers are waterproof and easily fitted to most foldown clotheslines.

This brilliant foldown cover has a unique "A" frame feature that is specifically designed for water run off keeping clothes dry when the weather is less than perfect.

We highly recommend this top seller protecting your clothes from all the elements, including bird and bat poo situations. A lot of effort goes into the washing from start to finish and to have it ruined by a flock of birds or a random bat is not on! Get protected with this cover.

The cover and metal components come in a beige colour only.

Size Options

  • 1.5 to 1.8m: fits units from 1500mm to 1800mm wide, with 700mm to 1600mm depth
  • 2.1 to 2.4m: fits units from 2100mm to 2400mm wide, with 700mm to 1600mm depth
  • 3.0m: fits units 3000mm wide, with 700mm to 1600mm depth
  • 3.3m: fits units 3300mm wide, with 700mm to 900mm depth

Updated 30 July 2021

Full Specifications

Country of Manufacture
1 year

What's Included

1 x Cover
1 x Metal poles support system
2 x Straps
2 x Brackets
1 x Instruction Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Clothesline Cover Withstand Heavy Rainfall, Hail and Extreme Sunlight?

Clevacover clothesline covers are designed to withstand harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and some hailstorm but only to a certain degree. Bear in mind that severe storms or wind can cause damage not just to your clothesline cover but also on to the clothesline itself so we recommend removing the clothesline cover in extreme weather conditions.

What is the Material Made From?

Our clothesline covers are manufactured using high-quality polyethylene based product that is 100% recyclable and engineered to survive the elements for many years.

Will This Cover Affect the Drying Time of my Clothes?

While sunlight does help dry laundry it does more damage to the fibres and colour of the fabrics which result in shorter lifespan of your precious clothes, even the gentlest breeze is what makes a clothesline dry clothes since it takes away the moisture so installing a clothesline cover is the best thing you can do to prolong the life of your clothes.

What Colours are Available?

Our clothesline covers only come in Bark (Beige) colour at the moment.

What is the Warranty Period for This Cover?

Our clothesline covers have a 12-month warranty period, if you have any questions about clothesline cover warranty, feel free to give us a call at 1300 798 779.