Clothesline Basket Holder

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Clothesline Basket Holder

This is the newly re-designed Clothesline basket holder from Austral, it would be a welcome accessory for anyone that is looking to purchase a Rotary Clothesline.

The clothesline basket holder makes it so much more convenient to hang your laundry as it saves your back from bending and twisting.

The design of the clothesline basket holder means that you dont have to bend to get your washing, and your basket stays around the thigh level.

Installation of this unit is extremely simple and requires no tools and it can be removed from your line in just seconds.

This is a multi-fit design which fits all style's of both fixed head and folding rotary clotheslines.

Brand Austral


When you place an order, we will estimate delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and as a general rule we make every effort to have most orders delivered within 2 - 9 working days from date of order depending on your location within Australia and the product purchased.

Please keep in mind some products are of a 'Made to Order' nature and may take a little longer. Rural and regional areas can take longer, up to approx. 12 - 19 working days.

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If you have ordered installation or want to have your new clothesline installed by one of our professional installers, please see the steps below which outline the order/installation process.

Step 1. Place your order online or over the phone by calling 1300 798 779

Step 2. Your order will be processed within 24 hours (Mon - Fri) and the details of your order are then sent to the warehouse and the appropriate installer.

Step 3. Depending on the product you have chosen and your location the clothesline will either be picked up from the warehouse or sent by courier to the installer.

Step 4. Once the clothesline installer has the clothesline and he is ready to do your installation, he will call you directly on the phone number provided to arrange the installation day with you. Please make sure you provide the most contactable phone number/s. The installer will bring the clothesline with him on the day of installation.

Step 5. This process generally takes approx. 1 - 3 weeks depending on seasonal demand.

To view the complete guide to clothesline installation, please click on the following link Clothesline Installation Process

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