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Frequently Asked Questions

Folding rotary clotheslines are the only models that can be folded up and removed from the ground if you are having a party or the kids want to play games.
These units come with a ground socket, this is what is cemented into the ground at the time of installation, then the clothesline simply slots into this socket and locks. Unlock to remove the unit and a cap is provided to place over the ground socket when the clothesline is removed.

The classic Hills Hoist style with metal lines is permanently installed and cant be removed from the ground after installation.

When it comes to installing a rotary clothesline, the folding rotary clotheslines are the easiest to do as they come pre-wired in the box and only require the installation of the ground socket. The classic clothes hoist or Hills Hoist model is the most difficult of all clothesline to install and setup as it requires the concreting, assembly and wiring of the line.
If you are reasonably handy then you can do this yourself as all models come with complete instructions to do the job successfully.
If you are unsure we do offer an installation service in all capital cities and major metro area's around Australia.

The classic all steel clothes hoist models that have a permanent installation come with galvanised steel wire for superior strength and durability.
The modern folding or fold up style rotary clotheslines comes with a polycore line which has a fabric centre with a plastic coating on the outside which allows for the clothesline to be folded and removed from the ground.

Yes there are waterproof covers suitable for most model's of rotary clotheslines.
The Clevacover brand of clothesline covers is fully waterproof and allows you to dry your laundry all year round, plus provides a fantastic shade area in the hot summer months.

Austral are the only brand of rotary clothesline in both the folding and fixed styles that is made in Australia.
All Hills Rotary clothesline and Hills Hoist models are made in China.

More about Rotary Hoists

Australia is the land of the rotary clothes hoist from leading brands such as Hills Hoist and Austral.

These galvanised clothes hoist and folding rotary clothesline models are typically inspired by the classic and ever-lasting Hills Hoist of the 1950's, an icon of the Australian backyard.

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