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Frequently Asked Questions

Some portable clothesline products are great for outdoor use as they are constructed from galvanised steel or aluminium and the frame design is very sturdy.
In windy conditions it is advised to either bring units inside or make sure they are anchored to the ground.
Some Hills smaller airers are designed for indoor use only, so its best to check the product and users manual for the recommended use guidelines.

There are only a few models that come fully assembled which are the Ecodry portable clothesline plus the Hills 2 and 4 Wing airers.
All other models require some level of installation or assembly

Yes, all portable clotheslines fold flat so they can easily be stored in a cupboard, hung behind a door or slid underneath a bed or sofa.

Ecodry portable clotheslines are the only Australian made portable clothesline.
All Hills clotheslines and airers are made in China.

Clothes pegs can be used on the larger models of portable clotheslines with the smaller clothes airers utilising drying rods which does not require clothes pegs.

More about Portable Clotheslines

Lifestyle Clotheslines stocks a wide range of Australia's highest quality indoor and portable clotheslines from the most innovative brands in the market. These nifty products are perfect for apartment living, or as a complementary second clothesline when you really need it.

We encourage you to use the filters on this page to refine what you are looking for. If you still have queries, please call on 1300 798 779 to talk to your friendly portable clothesline experts today.