Classic Ceiling Airer

Classic Ceiling Airer with 4 laths ivory colour installed in kitchen
Classic Ceiling Airer - Black Installed
Classic Ceiling Airer - Black
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Classic Ceiling Airer - Black Left Side View
Classic Ceiling Airer - Colour Scheme
Classic Ceiling Airer
Classic Ceiling Airer - Black Hanging to the Ceiling

Classic Ceiling Airer

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Product Features

Classic Ceiling Airer 

Suited to your kitchen or laundry, the Classic Ceiling Airer is a versatile mounted clothes airer from Kitchen Maid.

With a stunning large sweep design and intricately made cast iron ends, this beautiful clothes airer will really make a statement in your home. 

Made in the U.K, these airers offer a unique element of European style to your home.

Utilising your homes natural warmth, the Classic Ceiling Airer will save you time and money when doing your weekly washing.

You’ll not find a more stunning airer with beautiful ironwork on the market today.


  • Easy installation as packaged and ready to fit
  • Supplied with fixing rope and pulleys
  • 10 years guarantee assures the highest quality
  • Suits 1-2 person wash with 4 stunning laths
  • Choose from cast iron, chrome or brass design
  • Available in four lovely colours and a number of length options

What's Included with the Classic Airer

  • 2 x 4 lath Classic airer ends
  • 1 x Single metal pulley
  • 1 x Double metal pulley
  • 1 x Cleat hook
  • 1 x 10m natural organic cotton rope
  • 4 x Sustainable wooden slats
  • 1 x Installation Instructions

Updated 29 July 2021

    Full Specifications

    Kitchen Maid
    Country of Manufacture
    1-2 People
    Number of Laths/Rods
    Length Options
    0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m
    Total Drying Space
    3.6m - 9.6m
    Lath/Rod Spacing
    Hoisted Height from Ceiling
    5 years
    Mounting Fasteners
    Cast Iron/Timber Laths
    Ivory, White, Black, Pewter, Lacquer, Chrome, Brass
    Image for showing width Width
    0.4 Metres
    Image for showing length Length
    0.9 - 2.4 Metres
    Image for showing fit Fit
    Queen Sheets
    Image for showing capacity Capacity
    1 Washload

    What's Included

    2 x 4 lath Classic airer ends
    1 x Single metal pulley
    1 x Double metal pulley
    1 x Cleat hook
    1 x 10m natural organic cotton rope
    4 x Sustainable wooden slats
    1 x Installation Instructions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can This Be Installed Outdoors?

    Yes, this clothesline can be installed outdoors as well as indoors.

    What Type of Ceiling Can This Airer Be Installed On?

    The pulleys can be installed under any ceiling as long as they are directly screwed into a structural beam/stud that can hold the weight of the airer as well as the wet laundry being dried. You’ll find that a ceiling with exposed beams will work in your favour, we recommend using a stud finder to make the installation process easier.

    Can I Install the Cleat on a Drywall?

    Please bear in mind that the cleat will bear the weight of the whole airer and the items being dried therefore it should be screwed into a structural beam/stud to ensure safe and proper operation of your ceiling mounted clothes airer. We recommend using a stud finder to make the installation of the cleat easier.

    Can I Install This Clothesline Under a Sloping Ceiling?

    Definitely! This model is perfect for sloping ceilings. The airer must be kept level for correct operation so it simply means that the rope from one end of the airer to the ceiling pulley is longer than the other end, therefore holding the airer level. Do bear in mind that you can only raise your clothesline as high as the lowest part of the sloping ceiling will allow.

    Will This Work Under High Ceilings?

    Yes but you might want to get in touch with us for assistance regarding additional cord packs since the stock cord length included in the box might not be enough.