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Eco 300 Clothesline (Dummy)

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Brand Eco Clotheslines
Country of Manufacture Australia
Suitable For 5 or more people
Width Across Wall 3m
Depth Off Wall 0.6m - 1.5m
Total Line Space 18m - 42m (Add 9m with optional Lowline Attachment)
Area Required 3.1m x 1-2m
Compatible with Cover? Yes - View Cover
Warranty 10 years for frame / 12 months for cord
Number of Lines Multiple line options
Fasteners / Anchor Bolts 4 Masonry anchor bolts and plugs included
Total Leg Kit Length 2150mm - View Full Eco Ground Mount Kit Specs
Mounting Hole Centres 2860mm
Maximum Install Height on Leg Kit 1800mm
Available Colours Classic Cream, Woodland Grey, Monument, Surfmist, Shale Grey, Cottage Green

Eco 300 Clothesline

The Eco 300 is one of the best selling fold down clothesline that can be installed in most locations around your home due to multiple depth variations, and is perfect for narrow areas.

Starting at 600mm reaching up to 1500mm in depth, the Eco 300 Clothesline is a wide unit with a width of 300cm(3000mm).

Optional Eco extras include a Ground Mount Kit for free standing, lowline attachment for extra line space and modifications to adjust the width of the clothesline to fit your location.

If the Eco 300 is to wide for your area, we can customise the unit to any width at no charge. Just let us know in the checkout notes section the width you would like. E.g. Modify Width to 2850mm

Installation Note: If you require drilling into existing concrete for your clothesline installation please contact us on 1300 798 779 to discuss, as there is additional labour and charges.


  • Highly customisable as it is made to order
  • 100% Australian made clothesline
  • Solid and durable steel construction
  • Perfect for individuals or families
  • Wall or free standing (optional ground kit available)
  • Available in 10 colours
  • 10 year warranty assures a high quality
  • Installation and removal of an old clothesline available
  • Compatible with a waterproof cover
  • All necessary wall anchors included

What's Included with the Eco 300

  • 1 x Steel Clothesline Frame
  • 1 x Standard Clothesline Poly Cord
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 4 x Wall Fasteners
  • 4 x Wall Plugs

Updated 1 August 2021

    Is the Eco 300 the largest Fold Down clothesline available? Yes it is, just select one of the 1500mm Depth Options available and you have got the biggest fold down clothesline on the market today, 3000mm x 1500mm. If you add the optional Lowline Attachment as well this will give another 9m of line space making a total of up to 51m total line space! That's more than most rotary clothesline these days and you can fit your King size sheets without having to fold them over. Can I make the width of the Eco 300 clothesline smaller? Yes, this is very easy to do, just trim down the front bar before assembly to reduce the width, we can even do this for you free of charge at the factory before it is sent to you. Just tell us what overall width you would like in the delivery instructions box when placing your order. For e.g. An Eco 300 has a width of 3000mm but you would like it to be 2800mm, so in the instructions box type - Please modify overall width to 2800mm - and this will be done for you. What colours can I get for this clothesline? The Eco 300 has 10 different colours to choose from and they are all Colourbond powder coat colours. Check out the Colour Chart in the images above. Will the Waterproof Cover fit all the depth sizes available on the Eco 300 Clothesline? No, not entirely, the smallest size of 600mm is not suitable for the optional cover. Any depth size from 750mm upwards will suit the cover. Can I install the clothesline in the ground instead of on the wall? Yes, the Eco 300 has an optional Ground Mount Kit (Posts) available. You will see an option on the right side of this page below the price called 'Add Ground Mount Kit', select either Standard or Plated to suit your needs, refer to the differences between Standard and Plated in the questions below. What does ‘Standard’ Ground Mount Kit mean? This is the type of post kit that you will need if you are installing the posts into a grass/soil area in the back yard. It is 2 x Posts 40mm x 40mm(approx. 2150mm in length to give an overall height above the ground of approx. 1.8m) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar. This is the most common type of post kit, this is where you dig two holes for the posts and cement them into the ground. What does ‘Plated’ Ground Mount Kit mean? A Plated kit allows you to bolt the posts down onto an existing concrete area rather than core drilling or jack hammering holes into the concrete. The posts have metal plates welded on the bottom with holes for dyna-bolting down onto the concrete, scroll through the images above to see what the base of a Plated Post looks like. The kit consists of 2 x Posts(approx. 1800mm height) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar. These posts are also height adjustable. What is a ‘Lowline Attachment’? This is a very popular option. This is an extra clothesline frame with 3 lines that sits below the main frame (approx. 400mm below & 350mm wide). This option gives you more line space without taking up any more room. The Lowline can fold up and down with the main frame or disconnect and leave it folded down against the wall or posts. Can I install a fold down clothesline on a wall other than brick? Yes, you can but you will just need to make sure the mounting brackets align with the structural supports in the wall. If not you may be able to customise the width of the clothesline (see above) to suit the supports. Another solution would be to purchase a Ground Mount Kit (if available) with the clothesline and install it freestanding in front of the wall. Can I install a fold down clothesline on a fence? Yes, this is very similar to mounting on a non-brick wall, the mounting brackets would need to align with the fence posts and they would have to be nice and solid. You will also need to check council regulations in your area to see if this is allowed. A freestanding Ground Mount Kit is an alternative once again. What is the best height for installing a fold down clothesline? A general rule of thumb is to install the top bolt of the fixing bracket at approx. 50mm above the users head height. An average height is approx. 1800mm but you can adjust this to suit your requirements. What size is best for a family of 4 – 5? The Eco 300 clothesline has several depth sizes available which is great, generally the larger 1200mm or 1500mm depth options are the best sizes to go with for a larger family as it is always best to have too much line space than not enough. You will find a ‘Line Space Information’ chart in the images above to help you out. If I order an Eco Clothesline today, how long will it take to receive? Generally it takes approximately 5-20 business days to produce and transport from the factory in Sydney to you. Are the Eco clotheslines good quality? Yes, in fact they are now backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty, just like the big brands. The complete frame is constructed from galvanised steel with a large choice of Colourbond powder-coat finishes to choose from. They are a genuine Australian Made product. What are the wall mounting dimensions of this clothesline? The wall mounting brackets are 300mm long for the standard unit and 400mm if you have added the lowline attachment. The distance between the vertical mounting holes is 175mm. The overall width mounting hole centres are 70mm in from each side, so for a clothesline that is 3000mm overall in width, the holes centres would be at 2860mm


    Eco clotheslines are a "Made to Order" clothesline due to all the colours and size options available, and they have an efficient production time of 5-20 business days.

    Delivery once the clothesline is ready is normally 1-2 business days, however some rural and regional areas can take longer, up to approx. 5-20 working days.

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    If you have ordered installation or want to have your new clothesline installed by one of our professional installers, please see the steps below which outline the order/installation process.

    Step 1. Place your order online or over the phone by calling 1300 798 779

    Step 2. Your order will be processed within 24 hours (Mon - Fri) and the details of your order are then sent to the warehouse and the appropriate installer.

    Step 3. Depending on the product you have chosen and your location the clothesline will either be picked up from the warehouse or sent by courier to the installer.

    Step 4. Once the clothesline installer has the clothesline and he is ready to do your installation, he will call you directly on the phone number provided to arrange the installation day with you. Please make sure you provide the most contactable phone number/s. The installer will bring the clothesline with him on the day of installation.

    Step 5. This process generally takes approx. 1 - 3 weeks depending on seasonal demand.

    To view the complete guide to clothesline installation, please click on the following link Clothesline Installation Process