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Shade Cloth Rotary Clothesline Cover

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  • Product Description

    Lovely Shade Cover Protects Your Washing

    If you have ever been looking for a solution to protect your washing from bird droppings and harsh UV rays, then this might just be the clothesline cover you need!

    Why this is a popular selling cover:

    • Turns your clothesline into a garden feature in just minutes
    • Provides lovely shaded area for kids, pets & parties
    • Super simple draw string setup
    • Protects your clothes from harsh UV rays

    Shade Cloth rotary clothes line covers are a fantastic new accessory item for your rotary clothes line that will brighten and enhance your garden in just minutes!.

    These new covers made from heavy duty shade cloth are a fantastic way to provide shade in your back yard or garden, and they are also excellent at turning your old rotary clothes line into a garden feature!

    Shade cloth covers are also ideal for higher wind areas as they allow the wind to blow through them, yet they still provide an excellent source of shade for a kids playing area or shaded area for your dog.

    To find out what size shade cover you need please measure your clothes line from A-B as per the image below, and once you know what the size is you require it is then simple to place your order.

    To determine the size you need for your hoist, simply measure across the diagonal arm, A to B. Once you have the measurement you can either place an order here or give us a call.

    A fabulous shade cloth cover can modernise your garden today!

    How to Measure Your Clothesline For a Cover



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  • FAQ

    Is the cover waterproof?
    No, this cover is made from a shade cloth material so is only mildly water resistant.    
    How much sun protection do I get from the shade cover?
    The shade cloth material used in this cover can block up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  
    Are there different sizes available?
    Yes there are several different sizes. Your clothesline will need to be within 1 – 3 cms of the sizes stated to fit correctly.
    How do I measure my clothesline to work out what size I need?
    You will find a ‘How To Measure’ diagram at the bottom of the product page, this is very helpful. Measuring is simple, just as in the diagram measure from A -  B in a horizontal straight line, this will give you the diameter of your clothesline, then just look at the size options available to see which suits best.
    Can I get the cover in a different colour?
    No, this product is only available in the Dark Green colour as shown on the product page.
    What’s the cover like in the wind?

    This cover is excellent in windy conditions, being a shade cloth it allows the majority of wind to pass straight through it.

    Why does the cover not fit properly on my clothesline?
    Over time rotary clotheslines are pulled out of shape. You may find that all sides are different measurements. The cover is made to fit a square clothesline so you may need to have your clothesline adjusted to make it square again. The covers are made to be multi-fit and some clotheslines will have overhang and other clotheslines will have the cover fit perfectly. Both ways look very good.

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  • Other Details

    Colour: Heritage Green
    Material: Heavy Duty Nylon Shade Cloth
    Multiple Sizes: Yes
    Waterproof: No