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Hills Extenda 4 retractable clothes line pictured here wall mounted and in Granite Pearl colour

Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline

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  • Product Description

    Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline

    The Hills Extenda 4 is a simple no fuss line that pulls out when you need it with one super smooth action and retracts back to the main unit when not in use. Made from tough rust resistant colourbond with lots of line space you’re getting practicality and style for your home.

    All lines have individual line tension which makes retracting your line quicker and smoother than other brands on the market today and comes in a lovely granite pearl colour to blend in with your homes natural surrounds.

    Make sure you check out what others are saying under the videos tab and with 8 reviews there’s some great feedback on why the Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline is an easy, no fuss reliable line.

    Please Note: This product is not available at any Bunnings stores.

    Features and benefits

    • 26m of total line space
    • 4 lines
    • 6.5m  max line extension
    • 4m min line extension
    • Cabinet size W 610mm x H 130mm x D 230mm
    • 10 year warranty
    • Suits 2-4 person wash
    • Comes in granite pearl
    • Packed with optional extras
    • Easy to install

    Have any questions or don’t know what best suits your needs? Don’t worry, we can help. Call us on 1300 798 779 we’re here to help with any inquires about buying a new clothesline, what suits where and retractable clothesline installation options. 

    Installation Note: If you require drilling into concrete(core hole drilling) for your installation please contact us on 1300 798 779 to discuss. A core hole is only required when installing into existing concrete, for e.g. a pathway. Core drilling is not required in grass/soil.

    The Mount Bar, Post Kit and Ground Socket are Accessories that are only required for certain mounting situations.

    Wall To Wall - You will need 1 x Extenda 4 only.
    Wall To Post - You will need 1 x Extenda 4, 1 x Post Kit, 1 x Ground Socket(optional)
    Post To Wall - You will need 1 x Extenda 4, 1 x Post Kit, 1 x Mount Bar, 1 x Ground Socket(optional)
    Post To Post - You will need 1 x Extenda 4, 2 x Post Kits, 1 x Mount Bar, 2 x Ground Sockets(optional)

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    Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline Product Review

  • FAQ

    Is there a minimum distance that I have to pull out the lines?
    Yes, the Extenda range has a minimum extension of 4m right up to 6.5m. This means you must pull the lines out from the cabinet at least 4m before the lines will lock which prevents lines sagging once you have placed your washing on it. 
    Can I install the clothesline in the ground instead of on the wall?
    Yes you can add 1 or 2 Post Kits to your order if you don’t have a wall available. 
    What is the Ground Socket for?
    If you order a Post Kit with the clothesline, you don’t have to permanently fix the post into the ground. The socket is what you cement in and the post simply slots into this making it removable at any time to make room for a party. Please note it is not recommended to have 2 posts removable with sockets due to the tension of this type of product. The clothesline cabinet post should be permanently fixed.
    What is the Mount Bar for?
    The Mount Bar is only required if you want to install the clothesline cabinet onto a Post Kit.
    Can I attach this to a fence ?
    Yes but it is recommended that the receiving end only is attached and to the fence post as this is the most secure part of the fence.
    Can I install a retractable clothesline on a wall other than brick?

    Yes you can but you will just need to make sure the mounting holes at the back of the cabinet align with the structural supports in the wall. If not then a Post Kit is recommended with the clothesline and install it freestanding in front of the wall.

    What is the best height for installing a retractable clothesline?
    A general rule of thumb is to install the clothesline so that the lines are approx. 50mm above the users head height. An average height is approx. 1800mm but you can adjust this to suit your requirements.

  • Other Details

    Total Line Space: 26m
    Number of Lines: 4
    Maximum Line Extension: 6.5m
    Minimum Line Extension: 4m
    Cabinet Size: W - 610mm H - 130mm D - 230mm
    Warranty: 10 Years
    Suits: 2 - 3 People
    Distance Between Each Line: 140mm