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City Living Portable Clothesline

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  • Product Description

    City Living Portable Clothesline

    The City Living Portable Clothesline a free energy efficient way to dry your washing around your home. Forget dryers, they may seem easy with loading them up and pushing a button, but in the long run they cost you a lot of money and energy. Go green with the City Living’s unique design making it totally portable and light weight, yet strong with galvanised powder coated steel frame that only weighs 7.5kg, so it can be used inside or outside the home.

    This smart line gives you plenty of options with height, length and number of lines to suit every user. This City Living Portable also has no protruding legs that can be tripped on yet doesn’t sacrifice any stability.

    Make sure you check out what others are saying under the videos tab and with 6 reviews it’s with good reason we love the City Living Portable Clothesline.

    Features and benefits

    • Frame length 150cm-180cm
    • Frame height 130cm -145cm
    • 8-10 lines
    • 3-year warranty
    • Suitable for a 1-2 person wash
    • Over 30 colours to choose from
    • Great for holiday homes, caravans and camping

    Have any questions or don’t know what best suits your needs? Don’t worry, we can help. Call us on 1300 798 779 we’re here to help with any inquires about buying a new clothesline, what suits where and installation.


  • Other Details

    Frame Length: 150cm or 180cm
    Frame Height: 130cm or 145cm
    Frame Material: Galvabond Steel
    Number of Lines: 8 (W - 65cm), 10 (W - 80cm)
    Warranty: 3 Years
    Suits: 1 - 2 People
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  • Product Videos

    City Living Portable Clothesline - Custom Clothes Line

  • FAQ

    Can I use this clothesline outdoors?
    Yes, it is a great product for outdoor use as it is constructed from galvanised steel and the frame design is very sturdy. In windy conditions it works well but common sense is needed as it is obviously not bolted down. 
    How much does the City Living Portable weigh?
    Even though these clotheslines are constructed from galvanised steel they are still relatively light. They weigh approx. 7.5kg.
    Is it easy to fold up and store?
    Yes, it has telescopic self-locking stays which make it easy to fold up and store away.
    How much line space does it have?
    Line space can range from 12m up to 17m depending on the size options you choose.
    Can I hang my bed sheets on it?

    Yes, the larger size option is best for this as it has the longest line length and greater height off the ground.

    Does this model come with any warranty?
    Yes, this is covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty for the frame and 12 months for the cord.