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City Living Dandy Line Clothesline

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  • Product Description

    City Living Dandy Line Clothesline

    Ideal for drying indoors the City Living Dandy Line is a compact drying solution that is 800mm x 750mm, has 6.5m of line space and 8 lines to handle your washing. It also makes for great second line in the laundry, bathroom or garage for any extra drying needs. If you need a slightly bigger line, check out the City Living Studio lineThe Dandy Line is an effective and energy saving solution for your washing needs that can be wall mounted on most common hard surfaces, with sliding brackets that allow the line to be mounted in the perfect position. It is made from tough galvanised steel and backed with a 5 year warranty. Call us on 1300 798 779 for any help with any inquiries about buying a new clothesline, what suits where and installation of your new clothesline.


    • 100% Australian made
    • Over 35 colours to choose from
    • Great for inddors or outdoors
    • Strong a durable steel construction
    • Easy and smooth to fold up and down
    • 5 year warranty assure a high quality


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  • Other Details

    Total Line Space: 6.4m
    Unit Size: 0.8m x 0.75m
    Area Required: 1m x 1m
    Number of Lines: 8
    Mounting Options: Wall Only
    Guarantee: 5 Years
    Suits: 1 - 2 People
    Country of Manufacture: Australia
    Depth: 0.75m
    Width: 0.8m
    Compatible with Cover?: No
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    City Living Dandy Line Foldown Clothesline Product Video

  • FAQ

    Can I make the width of my Urban Fold Down clothesline smaller?
    Yes, this is very easy to do, just trim down the front bar before assembly to reduce the width. We can even do this for you free of charge at the factory before it is sent to you. Just tell us what overall width you would like in the delivery instructions box when placing your order. For e.g.  An Urban 3000 has a width of 3000mm but you would like it to be 2800mm – N.B. - Please modify overall width to 2800mm. 
    Can I get a special colour for my clothesline?
    No. However, City Living have approximately 35 different colours to choose from See the colour swatches on the product page. 
    Can I install the clothesline in the ground instead of on the wall?
    With most models, yes. Just check the Product Page for a ‘Ground Mount Kit’ option.
    What does ‘Standard’ ground mount kit mean?
    This is the type of post kit that you will need if you are installing the posts into a grass/soil area in the back yard. It is 2 x Posts(approx. 2200mm long) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar. This is the most common type of post kit.
    What does ‘Plated’ ground mount kit mean?
    A Plated kit allows you to bolt the posts down onto an existing concrete area rather than core drilling or jack hammering holes into the concrete. The posts have metal plates welded on the bottom with holes for dyna-bolting down onto the concrete. It is 2 x Posts(approx. 1800mm long) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar.
    What is a ‘Lowline Attachment’ ?

    This is a very popular option that is only available with Urban clotheslines. This is an extra clothesline frame with 3 lines that sits below the main frame(approx. 400mm below). This option gives you more line space without taking up any more room. The Lowline can fold up and down with the main frame or disconnect and leave it folded down against the wall or posts.

    Can I install a fold down clothesline on a wall other than brick?
    Yes you can but you will just need to make sure the mounting brackets align with the structural supports in the wall. If not you may be able to customise the width of the clothesline(see above) to suit the supports. Another solution would be to purchase a Ground Mount Kit(if available) with the clothesline and install it freestanding in front of the wall.
    Can I install a fold down clothesline on a fence?

    Yes, this is very similar to mounting on a non-brick wall, the mounting brackets would need to align with the fence posts and they would have to be nice and solid. You will also need to check council regulations in your area to see if this is allowed. A freestanding Ground Mount Kit is an alternative once again.

    What is the best height for installing a fold down clothesline?
    A general rule of thumb is to install the top bolt of the fixing bracket at approx. 50mm above the users head height. An average height is approx. 1800mm but you can adjust this to suit your requirements.
    What size is best for a family of 4 – 5?

    The Urban clotheslines have several depth sizes available which is great, generally the larger 1200mm or 1500mm depth options are the best sizes to go with for a larger family as it is always best to have too much line space than not enough. You will find a ‘Line Space Information’ chart at the bottom of the product pages to help you out.

    Are the Urban clotheslines good quality?
    Yes, in fact they are now backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty just like the big brands. The complete frame is constructed from galvanised steel with a large choice of Colourbond powder-coat finishes to choose from. They are a genuine Australian Made product.