Austral Compact 28 clothes line in Classic Cream and installed with standard ground mount kit

Austral Compact 28 Clothesline

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  • Product Description

    Compact Clothes Line with Lots of Line Space

    Do you need a clothes line that has lots of drying space but you are limited by the amount of space you have to install a clothes line?

    If space is your biggest issue, then the Austral Compact 28 fold down clothes line might just be your ticket as it has a compact depth and yet still offers you 28m drying space.

    Why this product is popular:

    • Lots of line space for such a compact model
    • Perfect for smaller modern backyards
    • Total steel construction throughout
    • Australian made 

    Installation Note: If you require drilling into concrete(core hole drilling) for your installation please contact us on 1300 798 779 to discuss. A core hole is only required when installing into existing concrete, for e.g. a pathway. Core drilling is not required in grass/soil.

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    1. Fantastic customer service

      I particularly like the inbuilt tensioner that is provided with Austral clotheslines. This is the second time we ordered a clothesline from Lifestyle - their service is second to none, and the product arrived as described at a price that I couldn't get it for locally. on 23rd Feb 2013

    2. Austral clotheslines are good gear

      I recently purchased an Austral Compact 28 Clothesline.
      The price was great, the delivery was quick and the installation
      was straight forward and easy.
      I have removed the rotary clothesline and now have a lot
      more room in my back yard.
      I have no problem reccomending Austral Clotheslines.
      on 24th Jan 2013

    3. Reclaiming Our Backyard

      For years we had to put up with looking at our washing swaying in the breeze as we sat under our pergola to enjoy al fresco dining.

      Our 18 month old puppy had to steer clear of the hills hoist whenever chasing a ball.

      The Austral Compact helped us reclaim our garden for entertaining and relaxing.

      Our side passage was perfect as it faces north but all other wall mounted clotheslines I had looked at before were always too wide for the space.

      With much more space available now our next project will be an outdoor spa!

      on 22nd Jan 2013

    4. Well designed compact clothes line

      My clothes line was installed only a week or so ago but seems to be fulfilling all my requirements. It folds up and down easily and has a very impressive capacity for the small amount of space it takes up.

      My only concern is that the ground mounting kit comes in only one size - very high. A short person can then only reach the clothes lines if the poles are sunk into very deep holes. If the holes can't be dug deep enough because rock is encountered a couple of feet down then the poles have to be cut. This was the only way my line could be installed. I wonder if the ground mounting kit could include some variations to cover this kind of situation.
      on 13th Dec 2012

    5. Solved my drying problem

      I had limited space and thought I would be drying our clothes on lines of string and clothes horses forever. The Compact 28 fit perfectly between the house and the hedge - no wider than a footpath.
      thank you.
      on 16th May 2012

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    Billy Hodgen Austral Compact 28 Clothesline Testimonial

  • FAQ

    Can I make the width of my Austral Fold Down clothesline smaller?
    Yes, this is very easy to do, just trim down the front bar before assembly to reduce the width.  
    Can I get a special colour for my clothesline?
    No, the Austral clotheslines are only available in the colour/s shown on each Product Page.  
    Can I install the clothesline in the ground instead of on the wall?
    With most models, yes. Just check the Product Page for a ‘Ground Mount Kit’ option.
    What does ‘Standard’ ground mount kit mean?
    This is the type of post kit that you will need if you are installing the posts into a grass/soil area in the back yard. It is 2 x Posts(approx. 2200mm long) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar. This is the most common type of post kit.
    What does ‘Plated’ ground mount kit mean?
    A Plated kit allows you to bolt the posts down onto an existing concrete area rather than core drilling or jack hammering holes into the concrete. The posts have metal plates welded on the bottom with holes for dyna-bolting down onto the concrete. It is 2 x Posts(approx. 1800mm long) and 1 x Rear Spreader Bar.
    Can I install a fold down clothesline on a wall other than brick?

    Yes you can but you will just need to make sure the mounting brackets align with the structural supports in the wall. If not you may be able to customise the width of the clothesline(see above) to suit the supports. Another solution would be to purchase a Ground Mount Kit(if available) with the clothesline and install it freestanding in front of the wall.

    Can I install a fold down clothesline on a fence?
    Yes, this is very similar to mounting on a non-brick wall, the mounting brackets would need to align with the fence posts and they would have to be nice and solid. You will also need to check council regulations in your area to see if this is allowed. A freestanding Ground Mount Kit is an alternative once again.
    What is the best height for installing a fold down clothesline?

    A general rule of thumb is to install the top bolt of the fixing bracket at approx. 50mm above the users head height. An average height is approx. 1800mm but you can adjust this to suit your requirements.

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  • Other Details

    Total Line Space: 28m
    Unit Size: 2.4m x 0.94m
    Area Required: 2.5m x 1.44m
    Number of Lines: 12
    Mounting Options: Wall/Free Standing
    Warranty: 10 Years
    Suits: 1 - 4 People